Event Pics & Vids

Lt. General Mike Flynn

Genersal Mike Flynn needs no introduction, actually.  I had the pleasure of hearing his wisdom and guidance and meeting him at The Patriot Voice Roundup in Dallas, Texas on Memorial Day Weekend 2021.

Sydney Powell

Sidney Powell is perhaps one the most famous and capable attorneys in America.  She has exposed and challenged the Deep State and seeks justice for the American people against the Global Syndicate.  I had the pleasure of speaking with her at The Patriot Voice Roundup in Dallas, Texas on memorial day Weekend 2021.  She is even more brilliant and friendly in person!

Jordan Sather

Jordan Sather is an extremely intelligent politcal analyst.  He has investigated and vetted everything from Big Pharma to UFOs to Free Energy.  He has amassed an enormous online audience, because he is a steady voice of reason and good humor in the community of misperception and conspiracies.  We shared great coversation at the Patriot Voice Event in Dallas, Texas on Memorial Day Weekend 2021.

Juanita Broaderick

Juanita Broaderick is perhaps the most genuine and wonderful person I have ever met.  She is also a surviving victim of the full force of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.  Her story condemns the Clintons and their brutal personal attacks on innocent people.  It was my wonderful pleasure to meet her at The Patriot Voice Event in Dallas, Texas on Memorial day Weekend 2021.

Erica Kious

Erica Kious is a first-generation American who was raised in California to believe in herself and in the limitless possibilities in this country.  Her large beauty salon wth 12 stylists was shuttered for 6 months by the State of California for the Made-4-TV-Virus.  Nancy Pelosi, although a long time customer, forced her to open the salon so she could get her hair done.  She wore no mask in the salon.  Erica released the video of Pelosi strutting through her salon with no mask, while the salon was forced to remain closed to the public.  After releasing the video of Pelosi’s priviliaged visit, Erica’s life was threatened and her salon was destroyed.  Erica is another innocent victim of the Global Syndicate.