Occupied Territory

Over the years on this program I have talked about occupation, as it pertains to Israel.  I don’t agree with the rhetoric surrounding that land.  There was a war in 1941.  We won.  Rather than leave the Jewish people with nowhere to call home, the ancient land of Israel was restored and the Jewish people, and I used that term generally, began to return home. 

The land of Palestine was carved out, and Israel began to reconstitute.  The Arab countries didn’t like it, and in 1967 they joined forces and attacked Israel with the intent of pushing them into the sea and erasing the work of the Western powers.  The Arabs lost.  The Israelis pushed them all back and took a little buffer property to keep opposition off the hills surrounding them.  Spoils of war.  Victors take the spoils.  Easy enough.

Now, let us consider the last 15 years here in America.  The CCP has been ramping up a cold war against us since 2002.  The Clintons sold them the missile technology in the 1990s that boosted their rocket program by at least 25 years.  Again, the Obama Administration gave them land, ports, forests, and let them mortgage monuments and parks to raise and spend $10 trillion on God knows what.  They also send 70 thousand factories and hundreds of billions in trade advantages to China.

Donald Trump began to push back to take that apart in 2017.  By early 2018, he was winning what no one thought he could win against them.  While America’s economy rocketed forward, China’s economy slid closer to normal, without the help of the Democrat party.

The CCP was working deep inside Venezuela to help communism regain its foothold in  South America.  Within a few months, they smashed the continent’s richest country into the poorest, and in exchange, the Venezuelans gave the CCP their election software system.  Within 6 months, the CCP used it in America to steal Congress right out from under the most amazing economy in history.  No one saw it coming.

Within hours of seizing control of Congress, they entire body was focused on one thing; getting back to the business of destroying America.  That meant Donald Trump would have to be removed from office.  Pelosi saw herself as the most powerful woman in the world.  Her insane lust for power brought the White House into view for the first time in her life.  She became obsessed with it.

Meanwhile, the flow of money from drug sales in Syria were seriously curtailed when Trump moved the few remaining American troops from along the Syrian border with Turkey.  Pelosi and Schiff moved heaven and earth to get to Jordan to beg King Hussein to demand Trump put troops back along the Turkish border of Syria, so drug traffic could resume.

Hussein refused to grant Pelosi’s wish.  In a panic, they contacted a courier to take a message to their drug money broker in Syria directly.  The courier took off and used the best evasion techniques known to man.  Regardless, he was followed all the way to his destination by US Special Forces.  He led them straight to Abu Al Baghdadi.

The instant his compound was located, President Trump was notified. He rapidly approved the attack which took place within hours, and Baghdadi was killed, saving the lives of at least 11 kids held as human shields.  The next morning, President trump announced how happy he was in the success of the mission and that they recovered a treasure trove of information from the compound.  I believe that this information incriminated the Democrats.

Tat same week, Pelosi hastily announced the impeachment of the President.  They rushed it as fast as they could, and then stalled just long enough to allow the CCP to attack with Operation COVID. 

After President Trump overcame all of those efforts to destoyr him, the CCP attacked our election infrastructure with a cyberweapon spanning at least 29 States.  When that still appeared not to be enough to defeat 75 millions patriots, the CCP ordered 6 States to stop counting ballots on election night, eject all the Republican poll watchers, and stuffed millions of ballots into precincts in those 6 States.  It was enough to steal the election.

Now, it is up to President Trump to take military action against that act of war.  This Friday, the DNI report is due.  I believe it will reveal enough of the extent to which the CCP attacked our election.  The Republican electors will be chosen by Vice President Pence, and Trump will win the election. 

If that does not happen, then Americans need to get ready for occupation by a hostile enemy.  You know what that means.

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