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Is Time Speeding Up?

Time is Speeding Up? I know what you’re thinking.  Time is speeding up.  It feels like that because so much is coming at us all at once.  Perhaps it is a function of the 24-hour news cycle.  Perhaps it is the electric environment with extended daytime provided by...

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Virgin Births Happen all the Time

In a study published in Current Biology, researchers from University of Sydney have identified the single gene that determines how Cape honey bees reproduce without ever having sex. One gene, GB45239 on chromosome 11, is responsible for virgin...

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Old Souls

In the realm of mortals, the most fearsome being is an old soul.  They are not so easily sold.  They are not easily victimized or fooled.  They are never in the middle of revolutions, but rather in front of them, or behind them.  They are the souls most hunted by the...

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The Overton Window

The Cis-Mars program and the Cis-Lunar programs sound like endless prosperity and a future of exploration and expansion of the human race in space.  I get that.  I actually love that.  The issue that we are facing now in stark reality is the Overton...

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America Occupied

Occupied Territory Over the years on this program I have talked about occupation, as it pertains to Israel.  I don’t agree with the rhetoric surrounding that land.  There was a war in 1941.  We won.  Rather than leave the Jewish people with nowhere...

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Starship Trooper

While everyone in the world is exploring exotic laminations and 3D printed nano-tubes for making spacecraft, Elon Musk decided to go back to basics. Proper stainless steel alloys are not only rust-proof, they are strong and can be fabricated, welded, and purchased for...

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