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Obama Founds the BLM

On the morning of March 23, 2012, after introducing the new head of the World Bank in the White House Rose Garden, Barack Obama took just one question, likely pre-arranged.  It was on the recent shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Said Obama for the ages, "My main...

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Adolph Newsom

The sordid details of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s unwholesome dealings with communist China continue to emerge, including the shocking revelation that Newsom is quietly funneling hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the communist Chinese regime...

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The Guilting of America

The Global Syndicate has accomplished something remarkable.  They chopped up Americans into little tribes and cultures and clubs.  Then, they convinced all them they were victims, and that all the other tribes, cultures, and clubs were responsible for making...

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Th Nature of God and Man

Last year, I shared with you my thoughts on the nature of God and man and the process of becoming mortal in human form.  There is much confusion about these ideas, and that is not without reason.  The Nephilim created all religions when they came to the...

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Corona Shakedown

New Jersey State political players from the Democrat Party, are threatening New Jersey casinos with extended COVID-19 lockdowns, unless they make 7-figure donations to the DNC, the Biden Presidential Campaign, and its related PACs. The casino executives claim they...

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