The Global Syndicate stepped up its war on President Trump and the Republican Party by censoring the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings while his father, Joe Biden, was serving as former President Obama’s vice president.   We have heard the rumors for years. 

We were waiting for hard evidence.  Well, it showed up in the most unlikely place.  Hunter left his beer-damaged laptop at a local repair shop.  In his post crack stupor, he forgot where he left it. According the New York law, that laptop becomes the property of the shop owner if the bill has not been paid for 90 days.  The owner went to wipe the hard drive and sell the laptop to recover his fee, and guess what he found?  The evidence we had been looking for.

He immediately panicked.  He knew he was going to commit suicide, whether he wanted to or not, once the Biden gang remembered he had the laptop.  Under a friend’s council, he turned it over to the FBI. They did nothing.  Nothing.  Zippo.  He panicked again.  Maybe the FBI were the bad guys.

So, he leaked the content to the New York Post.  Within minutes, the anons and the YouTube podcasters ran with it.  Thursday, morning of this week, YouTube terminated the top 20, covering some 10 million subscribers.  Deleted.  All content, channel, money, branding, everything was gone.  Once of my friends caught in that group admitted he considered killing himself.  I’m sure that would have been fine with the Syndicate.

They locked down the account of one of the most widely circulated oldest and most venerable newspapers in America.  They locked down the account of the press secretary to the president of the United States.  They locked down the account of the president’s campaign, refusing to allow people to post any URL to that story.  They deleted the top podcasters in the country, plunging more than 20 families into poverty.

They locked down anything that looked bad for the Bidens, and they hyper-promoted anything that looked bad for the Trumps.  That is election tampering.  That is a direct act of sedition.  That is war.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and Sen. Ted Cruz, a member of the committee, said Thursday that Facebook and Twitter’s leaders should testify before Congress about the censorship of the Hunter Biden story. So the hell what?  They will come and smile at all their pawns who would all lose their elections as soon as their accounts are put into Facebook jail for 30 days, right before the election. 

They are all protected under Section 230 of Communications Decency Act.  They are platforms, not publishers.  They cannot be sued by any of my friends who are now wondering how they are going to pay their mortgage payments in a few days.  They cannot be sued by any of the subscribers who love to listen to them, and now are forbidden because YouTube deleted them.

Well, that is going to change soon because the millions of Americans who believe in God and believe in national sovereignty and believe in the Constitution will not tolerate the Global Syndicate continuing to dictate the flow of information in this country,” he said. 

This election is between the Global Media Empire in Silicon Valley, who can censor our voices as much as they want, and the American people.  I have this to say.  Our voices will be louder on November 3.  You will lose. 

Now we know that Hunter Biden was a crook.  We know that his father, China-Joe Biden was the crime boss.  We know that his reign of blood and horror spans nearly 5 decades.  And we know that Obama joined his gang in 2008 and that they were able to rob Americans of billions in cash, while selling the country to the Chinese Communist Party.  It is all the Global Syndicate.

Joe Biden openly lied about his participation in corrupt overseas business dealings with his son. Hunter violated the first rule of being a crime gang boss.  Never do the drugs you’re selling.  Banks cited a specific line from an email in the reports that mentions the “big guy” getting an equity share in a Chinese business deal. Banks said that “big guy” is Joe Biden. 

What is very chilling, is that perhaps Joe was a bigger criminal than Obama, but Obama was smarter and knew he would outlive the old don of taxpayer money laundering.  He made his millions too, and got his ISIS financed and the uranium distributed to Iran and North Korea.  Obama had a darker and more permanent objective.  China-Joe was just old Joe making money and getting rich.  Obama dreamed of destroying America.  And he damned near did it.

Now, the question on everyone’s minds tonight is where do Twitter and Google and Microsoft stand?  Censorship is a small piece of the puzzle.  But it leads to getting the Syndicate into the White House again.  Once they are in, America ends.  There will be no more States.  There will be no more governors.  There will be no more private property or billionaires.  How do they expect to survive in their luxury? 

Have they even thought that through?  Yes, they have.  They have been taught that everything in the universe came from darkness, and to darkness it shall return.  They believe that reward in this life is temporary, and the gift of a world to rule over is only given by Lucifer himself, because he is the god of this world.  He may be the god of many worlds. 

Maybe we are only fooling ourselves, if we think we can podcast from our hearts to you and wake you up to the light.  Yes, this divides the world into light and darkness.  No, it is not unity and togetherness.  It is time for you to decide in which place you will exist.  I could go on all night about the benefits of both, but I think the reason you are here, is because you are children of the light.  You are welcome and loved no matter what.

In 16 days, we will participate in an act that can save or condemn the world.  Vote for America and stand with the patriots, or vote for the Global Syndicate to return to power and end America forever.  This may be the last time you actually have that choice.  Make it count.