Host: Brooks Agnew

Master engineer, multi-patented scientist, 7-time best-selling author, world-renowned public speaker, mentor.  Tune in to one of the most recognized voices in podcasting for news and analysis of Earth and the universe. We might go a little past your imagination, but have no fear.  You will be safely traveling with us.  Following this program will treat, cure, and prevent the disease of ignorance. 

Sunday & Wednesday Nights


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“Brooks, I am 38yo. I work in the oilfield on the north coast of Alaska. I have to tell you this, your show has something special about it. Every single episode brings me back to a very nostalgic time in my childhood. My grandmother grew up near Roswell, NM and she was always spinning yarns about anything and everything strange. We would stay up late and tune in to Coast2CoastAM talking throught the cool summer nights in East Texas with the window open. It was a brief period in my life, but I treasure it. I had a rough childhood and it’s these memories that make me happy. I miss her so much. Your show reminds me of those times. Thanks for what you do, but mostly, just thanks for being an awesome person.”