History’s Most Effective President

Let’s look at the facts. I always like to do that. For more than a billion people around the world, there is no doubt that President Trump has been the most effective president in history. His list of accomplishments are quite stunning, but when compared to the opposition he had since the second he came down the escalator at Trump Tower, they are nothing short of miraculous. He was sued, investigated, blocked, deceived, spied upon, and may have had numerous attempts on his life and that of his children.

I have contemplated the decision making process that brought his to the oval office. When he sat down with his family and told them he had been asked by the US military to run against Hillary, I’m sure he told them the consequences. I’m sure he told them it would cost him and them billions. I’m sure he told them their names would be smeared, their privacy would be assaulted, and they may even have attempts made on their lives; all of them. I’m sure he asked them for their support. My guess it had to be unanimous, or he wouldn’t do it. Based on the all-in Trump family for the past 4 years, my guess is that the support was unanimous.

The Mueller investigation turned out to be less than nothing. But as the stench leaked out of that balloon, they pumped up the impeachment hearings. The impeachment should have deflated and left Trump with the greatest economy in history, but Pelosi delayed submitting the case to the Senate. That was very strange at the time, but in hindsight the coordination with the Communist Chinese Party came into view.

Just as the impeachment bubble popped, the Chinese workers were going back to work from the Chinese New Year vacation. They were freshly infected with a bioweapon which they spread like wildfire all over the world. Millions of infected workers were exported to nearly every major country. 10 days after the first case showed up in America, and against all medical and political advice, Trump shut down all travel from China to the US and a few days later from Europe as well. This act of courage saved perhaps 3 million lives.

The Trump economy was smashed in less than 60 days. The American GDP was cut by 50% is less than 4 months. The 2020 election was lumbering forward, but without Trump doing rallies, the pressure seemed to build to dangerous levels. Cities burned. People died. Worse that this, the CCP clearly and completely infiltrated the American government. More than 50 thousand CCP agents and soldiers invaded corporations, State and federal agencies, and both political parties.

Then, the unthinkable happened. They conducted an act of war against our election infrastructure. They installed over 400 thousand vote tabulators and linked them directly to CCP offices. This act of war requires military response.

The response never came. There was a complication. The tentacles of corruption and aggression reached the foundations of nearly every State and agency of the federal government. Treason was so deep and so wide that taking action against the CCP and their agents might be fatal to the country; most certainly to the Republic.

That is where everything stopped. The only man in the world who could carry out justice against the cabal, the deep State that had clearly designed to conquer the United States without kinetic activity–otherwise known as warfare–did not make a single move. No one was arrested. No machines were confiscated. No ballots were examined. No bank accounts were seized, and no diplomats were expelled. No court action was taken. In fact, even the Supreme Court decided there was less than nothing to see and refused to even hear the case, in spite of mountains of evidence.

Virtually every single thing President Trump did in 2020 strengthened the Deep State. The lack of action from the Commander in Chief was so vacuous as to leave even the most stalwart patriot grasping for unraveling threads of the plan. With January 6th chugging toward the electoral college dock, more than a billion people are holding their breath, hoping for that unmatched sleight of hand that only Donald Trump can do.

If he waits too long, or makes one mistake, he will not only lose the 2020 election, he will lose the country.