New Jersey State political players from the Democrat Party, are threatening New Jersey casinos with extended COVID-19 lockdowns, unless they make 7-figure donations to the DNC, the Biden Presidential Campaign, and its related PACs.

The casino executives claim they were told they had to pay up or Casinos will be the last businesses to be allowed to re-open.

Casino Executives are deathly afraid of the DNC thugs and only agreed to disclose the face-to-face meetings if their identities be kept absolutely confidential.  Casinos installed plastic barriers long ago on gaming tables to separate players from dealers, reduced the number of chairs at gaming tables by 50%, have large stocks of filter masks for players and guests, and have large supplies of disinfectants for staff to clean items like slot machines, as well as arm rests at gaming tables.  Even after all this expense in equipment and training, they were not allowed to reopen without the donations being in place.

According to both sources, state political people are playing hardball, claiming the casino air conditioning systems “won’t filter the air sufficiently” and demand slot machines “be wiped down AFTER EVERY PLAYER DEPARTS or the machine cannot be used again until it is cleaned.”

The casino executives say their air conditioning systems are among the best in the world, but the state is demanding a “medical-hospital-laboratory standard” . . . . but just for casinos, not for any other businesses.   Casinos have been told “these requirements can go away once the donations are paid.”

When asked to specifically name the person or persons making these demands, both men refused to name anyone; saying it would “open a can of worms that would bring in the feds and cause massive trouble for the industry.”

But the industry is already in massive trouble.  New Jersey Casinos have had a very tough few years after gaming was permitted in neighboring states.  Getting and keeping big customers has become very hard and several high-profile casino hotels in Atlantic City CLOSED in the past few years because of financial issues caused by the competitiveness of the industry.  The old adage that the house always wins has given way to user generated content reporting winning at the casinos.

Many casinos and gambling resorts as far away as New Mexico are being forced to make donations to local DNC supporters and Party campaigns to get their doors open again.  No amount of compliance or precautions will suffice until the deposits are received.

It is interesting though, that while New Jersey’s Democrat Governor, Phil Murphy, is announcing what he calls “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” re-opening of businesses, casinos have not been mentioned by him AT ALL.  It gives a whole new level of meaning to the term “Sin Tax.”