Last year, I shared with you my thoughts on the nature of God and man and the process of becoming mortal in human form.  There is much confusion about these ideas, and that is not without reason.  The Nephilim created all religions when they came to the Earth in the beginning.  We can start there and move forward to the present pretty quickly, and I think you’re smart enough to keep up.  There is no reason for you to go another day being blown about with every wind of doctrine.

When the plan to build this world was shared with all of us in the preexistence, not everyone was overjoyed.  Most were, but there were many who were not.  When I say most, I specifically mean two thirds, give or take a few dozen spirits or so.  There were two powerful god-class beings who did not agree at all on how to set this world up.  God the Father chose Jesus, and Lucifer was rejected.

First of all, you should know that envy is the most powerful of emotions.  It is strong enough to take god-class beings down, and it has no problem ruining your life as well, so don’t do it.  I suppose you would ask what is the nature of man.  I will answer that before I finish.

God the father is the creator of the universe in the same way any architect and project manager would be.  He designed it and commanded the builders to fashion the worlds with out number.  You get it.  Stars, planets, galaxies, clusters and super clusters Are all built using a basic and unchangeable set of rules.  The whole universe is based on the number 3.  That is the basis for trigonometry.  When God had the great I Am moment, he simply took the square root of himself to form the first set of intelligences.  They were shown how, and they did the same, and so forth.  It only takes a few iterations to approach the number 1. 

That means the vast number of souls had individual soul addresses, but they were basically the same energy amount at the time of creation.  That is important to know.  Each of these individual intelligences grow in stature and capability, or shall we call it completeness, through mortal life.  The first estate was the endorsement of Jesus as the arbiter of mortal life in this universe. 

Those who lost their first estate endorsed Lucifer instead.  The primary reason this is important is that the way to reach mortality from the spirit form is through the Well of Souls.  This was established as a portal by which spirits can enter a fetus during gestation and wake up in a mortal body.  The process of stepping in can take quite a few years, but the attachment to the body takes place during gestation.

The other way to come to mortality is a trick of power and it requires a special DNA.  The DNA of Adam cannot withstand a spirit who has not kept the first estate.  It is not designed to work that way.  When an Adamic soul chooses wickedness as a way of life, it almost immediately seeks to destroy itself.  The two sources of DNA for the Y chromosome are Adam and Lucifer.  Both beings fathered sons through Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Cain slew Able, and then Cain was allowed to stay and procreate by God.  That line of DNA persists to this very day, and depending upon the portion of that DNA, the physical body can contain a Luciferian spirit which is a Luciferian soul.  They do not try to destroy themselves, but to preserve themselves at the cost of everything.  They are born evil, and they do evil all their living days.  They seek to cause harm injury, death, terror and mayhem until they die.  When they come back, they begin where they left off.  They do not come to mortality through the Well of Souls, but another way.